Signatory Comments

So glad you’re doing this! We’ve been struggling with rescheduling shows and when to open up again. It’s comforting that’s we’re not alone in waiting till it’s safer out this. Thank you for doing this!
& Gallery, Cynthia Naugle - Tucson
We will continue with “virtual” learning opportunities until it is truly safe to come together in person again.
Adler Learning USA, Laura Atwoid - Phoenix
Too soon phoenix
Ahogadas y dorados george, Jorge Santoyo - Tolleson
Please protect our community by continuing social distancing until we have numbers that reflect a decline in daily cases. Doug Ducey, you will be accountable for the spike in cases and deaths.
Alchemy Integrative Wellness, Chrysta Coronado - Tucson
Extraordinarily difficult to maintain social distancing and a healthy, safe environment sharing space in closed rooms while practicing breathing techniques and doing yoga. My community’s safety and welfare are the priority above money and politics.
Anahata Yoga Sound and Energy Healing, Ronee Kipnes - Scottsdale
Field organizing relies heavily on face to face interactions and relationships, and we're hobbled by the inability to canvass, hold events, and visit high traffic areas. We're adapting as much as possible and I'm grateful to be working for an organization that isn't pushing us out the door right now.
Arizona Ready, Michelle Hamacher - Tucson
My clients need restorative orthopedic massage, I feel so much anxiety that they can't receive the treatments they need to function comfortably.
Balanced By Touch Therapeutic Massage, Jacquelyn Reed - Tucson
We need a true timeline and guidelines. Knowing exactly how long we have before we reopen and what protocols to put in place is necessary for a healthy and successful reopening.
Barefoot Studio, Brianna Arndt - Tucson
Our peak is yet to come. Please keep restaurants closed. Instead provide more programs to educate us on how to safely open. Health department came by without a mask.
BARRIO CAFÉ, Silvana Salcido Esparza - Phoenix
My practice will stay 100% online until cases, hospitalizations, and deaths have drastically declined and PPE is readily available.
BeTherapy Counseling, Beth Bloomfield-Fox - Mesa
Grateful for all that this group is doing to protect our community!
Big Top Bodywork, Dana Terry - Tucson
Listen to the scientists. It’s too soon.
Black Market BBQ, Brooks McDaniel - Tucson
Thank you for this opportunity to share!
Blue House Catering, Ron Wassell - Tucson
I’m not calling any contractors, because of close contacts. Numbers of Covid cases is increasing; we are not ready. I’d like to see those numbers declining consistently.
Bottle, LLC, Alexandra Guerova - Phoenix
We don't want to endanger seniors, customers or our artists. Life is too valuable.
Cactus Wren Artisans, Gale Thomssen - Tucson
It's daunting not to know specifics and logistics of creating a floor plan that allows you to adhere to safety guidelines. Food supply chains, can they meet the demands in the current environment to keep restaurants and retailers moving forward? Very challenging times!!
Cafe Roka, Rod Kass - Bisbee
“Better safe than sorry” -your mom
Cafecito, Travis Krizay - Yuma
Stay smart, stay strong Arizona!
Caffe Luce Coffee Roasting Co., Michael Foster - Tucson
Thank you guys!!!
Church ink Tattoo Parlor, LLC, S.D. Marcella Watson - Tucson
Some businesses, such as ours, are impossible to maintain social distancing...unlike a regular gym, we require close interaction. Masks would also be potentially dangerous, and sanitizing certain equipment between uses by different people would also not be possible.
Circus School of Arizona, Rachel Stegman - SCOTTSDALE
Self defense and martial arts are extremely close quarters. Cases continue to go up not down. Tight groups of people on top of each other rolling around is a sure fire way to perpetuate this disease.
Combat Krav Maga, Jenna Herder - Tucson
I've blocked all rooms (I only have three) in May and in June will allow only one rented room per floor with a 72 hour resting period for each room between rentals.
Copper City Inn, Fred Miller - Bisbee
We feel pressured to open but we cannot ensure the safety of our vulnerable clients and feel it is unconscionable to do so. The cases would explode in a full care environment
Creative Care Centers, LLC, Linda Rapp - Tucson
We are available online at:
Desert Crafted, Lara Plecas - Phoenix
To support public health, the health of our employees and of the community, we are pleased to offer take-out only at this time.
Diablo Burger & Good Oak Bar, Derrick Widmark - Tucson
Thank you for doing this and helping to keep our community safe 💕
Doma’s Delights, Dominique Stoller - Tucson
With cases and deaths rising and family at home, I don’t feel comfortable providing non essential services this soon.
Drybar, Echo Breen - Phoenix
Mandatory Face Masks for EVERYONE in public. Encourage self temperature and symptom checks for employees. Have testing (very available) for people working in the public. We are still at the beginning of this pandemic, how we move forward now will greatly affect how AZ fares as this continues. PLEASE Listen to Scientists and Doctors when making future decisions for Arizona.
Eydesigns, Catherine Eyde - Tucson
No in store browsing, but wine and spirits for pick up or delivery.
Feast Wine Shop, Kevin Anderson - Tucson
I rent a station in a salon, running my own freelance business and I am not willing to risk my health or my clients health while cases are steadily rising in Arizona and Tucson. I would rather be in business for years to come with my clients than take a huge risk for a one time visit. We need to be getting everything under control and taking caution, not opening the economy.
Felisha's Salon, Lindsey Botham - Tucson
I am offering sessions by phone and online.
Flagstaff Hypnotherapy, Don Berlyn - Flagstaff
We provide online music instruction while our physical doors are closed.
Flagstaff School of Music, Bonnie Dumdei - Flagstaff
It’s too soon. Too many people don’t get the concept of being protected in public even with guidelines customers don’t want to follow. Puts the safety and adds stress to every business that’s not essential.
Fruit daddy, Jose Moreno Nal - Chandler
I proudly add my name to the list because we ALL share the responsibility to stay healthy and safe, before profits! We owe this to our clients because we'd like to see them back soon!
FULCRUM PILATES, Barbara Frisch - Tucson
It doesn't make sense for AZ businesses to open when infection rates are rising across the state at the current rate.
Geoff Meza Photography, Geoffrey Meza - Prescott
We are still on the upward curve, I can’t even think of having to go through this again in a few months. Would rather wait than repeat.
Get Lit Bookshop, Roxanna Mcginns - Sierra Vista
The wellbeing of our community takes priority. At this current time I do not feel we have the necessary resources, protocols or data to appropriately prepare.
Green Valley Massage Clinic, Deborah Hodges - Green Valley
We will continue to do no contact home delivery and no contact market
Hand Picked Produce, Gilbert Mejias - Tucson
Heart Core Yoga, Benita Wolfe - mesa
We are continuing to serve our customers via phone, online, and curbside orders.
High Altitude Home Brew Supply and Bottle Shop, Adam Harrington - Flagstaff
My website is
Hive and Lair, Jeanne Stewart - Tucson
Everywhere businesses have rushed opening gave rise to the virus. We need to contain the virus by holding out together. Only then we can open with confidence of keeping our employee's safe and healthy.
Honeymoon Sweets Bakery and Dessert Bar, Timothy and Joan O'Connor - Tempe
We will not be opening until it feels safe. It does not yet feel safe.
How Sweet It Was, Christina Burgstaler - Tucson
I have a very nice studio that is currently sitting empty and has been since the beginning of the shutdown. I'm doing my best to offer online services but I'm not getting any clients at this time.
Humanist Meditation, LLC, Richard Dewey - Tempe
My employees and we owners talks about customers attitude. We put sign on entrance about please do staff, like come inside one person at a time or social distance or decide what your orders before come in. But some people do not care and mad us! If we open the door dine in , people are just rude about the other people. My responsibility is take care of employees and people who take step rule to try to be safe. That is the reason I think too soon to open businesses people’s bad attitude. I feel like I can see people understand what we try to be safe then we can open our door for dine in.
Ikkyu Japanese Restaurant, Yukari Fujimoto - Tucson
#StaySafe and #SupportLocal. Thank you. Order now at
Inca's Peruvian Cuisine, Luis Campos - Tucson
We are performing our services 100% remotely and any in person client projects are currently on hold until it is safer for EVERYONE!
Ironwood Strategies, Lynda Tompkins - Tucson
Until we can have easy, affordable, and frequent access to tests, there is no safe way to reopen. We’re all running blind here. It’s easy for folks who don’t work in the service industry to make this call for everyone - but those aren’t the people who now have to make the choice between putting their life in danger and collecting a paycheck, or staying safe and not having food to eat or money to pay rent.
jpop photon llc, Julius Schlosburg - TUCSON
The new cases are still rising, and being in a closed space for 60+ minutes with physical contact, the risk of infection is very high.
Kate D Massage + Movement, Kate Rosalik DAddamio - Tucson
The death rate needs to drop - we can't go back to normal.....normal got us's the time to change.
Kathleen Ward Real Estate, Kathleen Ward - Chandler
The market will remain open with social distancing and the restaurant will continue with take out service. We will extend our ours during this time back to our old hours.
Kestrel Kafe & Market, Donna Derosia - Tucson
thanks for leading the way!
Kingfisher Bar and Grill, Eric Smith - Tucson
We agree that it is to early to reopen. May GOD take care of us all!
La Botana Tacos, Osvaldo Silva - Tucson
Open by single appointment
La Cabaña, Pamela Tillman - Tucson
A family owned restaurant. We want to keep our family, employees and customers safe. We will reopen as soon as our family feels safe again.
La Fonda Mexican Restaurant & Cantina, Janet Pedraza - Tempe
We have been in business for 35 years. Our loyal customers have seen us through good times and bad. We can’t find enough cleaning supplies to clean, let alone sanitize. The median age of our customers is at least sixty. Time and time again, someone shows up with a walker or wheelchair after a health incident and we are informed that our store was the first place that they wanted to go. This is the best and most sincere compliment. Our staff are great and our main employees have worked with us for fifteen years. We will not Open prematurely, because we won’t put our staff and customers at risk. Furthermore from a strictly business point Of view there won’t be enough sales to break even.
La Paloma de Tubac, Bill Green - Tubac
Thank you for starting this!, Heather Garcia - TUCSON
I believe we're still climbing and we haven't actually reached a plateau with the number of incoming positive tests. I realize more tests are coming in because more are being done but I feel like we're jumping the gun.
Last Call Transportation, Jason Smith - Mesa
The numbers MUST be going down consistently and we must make a united plan of action for our entertainment district.
Littlewing jewelry & design emporium, Jesse Brown - Bisbee
While I am not a brick and mortar business, I completely support the shops and restaurants who choose to await actual medical and epidemiological advice about when it is truly safe to re open.
Lumenrose Jewelry, Erika Mark - Elgin
My full-service travel agency has gone completely online.
Luxe Journeys Travel LLC., Julie Cohn - Phoenix
We don’t want to put our team or our clients health at risk by opening too soon.
Mackenzie Collier Interiors, Mackenzie Collier - Phoenix
We want to wait until the medical professionals say that it is ok to reopen, I could not live with myself if a staff member or customer became infected with COVID-19 as a result of dining at Malees.
Malees Thai Bistro, Deirdre Pain - Scottsdale
It's way too soon and too risky to open Arizona.
Mandel Investments, David Russell - Mesa
Stop sacrificing Arizonans for profits. We need shelter in place, testing and track and trace. Our cases are sky rocketing. Now is not the time to reopen.
Marketing, Naomi Garnice - Tempe
As someone that performs all up and down the state, myself and my band mates refuse to perform, appear, and ask our community, venues, and fans to unknowns spread this virus and will remain inoperable for the safety of others until there is a vaccine or cure for this virus. Method to the Madness cancelled its tour in the best interest of public safety. We are loosing our income along many other performers. Will be on strike until it is safe for everyone, without a safer and healthy audience there is no show.
Method to the Madness, Estella Di Rossi - Phoenix
Be patient.
Mindful Yoga Studio, Shraddha Hilda Oropeza - Tucson
Many people are not following safety protocols and can't be trusted to safely mix with the public. Grocery shopping is difficult because there is not enough space between people. Please do not encourage people to start moving around, mingle amongst each other and spread the virus. Beauty salons and gyms should be the LAST places to open. Curbside delivery & pick up only for all businesses until it's safe. Keep people safe at home please!
Mirage & Bird Botanicals, Ana Thompson - Tubac
I rent a chair at a salon and I miss my clients more than ever, but as long as I cannot guarantee health and safety of my clients and myself, I am ethically inclined to stay home. I am saddened salons were given thumbs up to open at such a risky time.
Missy Steele (Bonifasi) Hair Stylist, Missy Steele (Bonifasi) - Glendale
Our town is small and depends on tourism, but we need to keep our local citizens safe and well.
Mockingbird, Tamara Penn - Jerome
The covid numbers are still going up. According to the health department they need to come down before we can open businesses.
ModernLove Salon & Medspa, Mahvush Hamid - Phoenix
We agree with this letter 100%. We care deeply for our community and truly want to do the right thing.
Morning Star Cafe, Brenda and Matthew Pratt - Hereford
Peace & Love
Mr. Nature’s Music Garden, Anthony Aldinger - Tucson
I am continuing some of my work virtually via Zoom with some clients and a few classes. When I see numbers go significantly down I might begin teaching a few outside classes only. I need to see significant improvements before I see myself teach indoors again.
Noell Hyman Yoga, Noell Hyman - Gilbert
I've had to open up but implemented extreme restrictions that severely limit my earning potential, but since there was no assistance available for independent owner/operators I had no choice to avoid bankruptcy.
Orbital Games and Comics, Fred Slawson - SIERRA VISTA
We have been open for appointment since March 31st and that is what has worked for me. I have appointments spaced every 30 minutes and that keeps me and my employees safe, my customers safe and allows me time in between to clean surfaces and samples. Originate will continue in this way through the end of May and then we will re-assess where things are at.
Originate Natural Building Materials, Natasha Winnik - Tucson
I am a photographer/photo editor with multiple sclerosis and the same or feel that medically we need to be more safe. Rushing it too fast can be a risk to others with health conditions.
Patrick Halford Photography LLC, Shawn Van Dyke - Mesa
My customers are like family & I want nothing but the best for you all! 💗
Peace & With Love Organizing & Cleaning, Karen Espinoza - Sierra Vista
Everyone at Plaza is committed to doing our part during this pandemic crisis. We have adjusted our business to safely keep our doors open. We are not ready to go back to "normal", because we also believe it is just too soon. We are so proud to be a part of the Tucson small business community. Together we can get through anything.
Plaza Liquors, Emilie Thomson - Tucson
Despite a significant reduction in business during this pandemic, we believe it is in the best interest of our community to stay closed. Opening prematurely, before the data says it is safe is not only dangerous it will have irreversible consequences leading to loss of lives. We demand more from Arizona.
Pop Cycle, DeeDee Koenen - tucson
I don’t feel comfortable of re-opening. We should stay operating as is.
Presta Coffee Roasters, Curtis Zimmerman - Tucson
I applaud these businesses for basing their decision to open or not on the data and facts. We have not yet reached a plateau and a decline yet in Arizona.
Professional Editing & Proofing, Terri Feder - Phoenix
Salute you for your “exemplary civic responsibility.” We , the people of Arizona, owe an Immense debt of gratitude to you. Keep on! Álvaro Malo, Professor Emeritus University of Arizona
Professor Emeritus Architecture — U Arizona, Álvaro Malo - Tucson
Pueblo Vida Brewing Co, Kyle Jefferson - Tucson
My business will not survive this pandemic but I'll continue in some way. I'd rather lose my business than open and spread the virus.
Quina McCalley Jeweler, Quina McCalley - Tucson
As a farm who sells to local restaurants we are in full support of this sentiment.
Rattlebox Farm, Dana Helfer - Tucson
Retired RN with Common Sense and Compassion. We could solve our income problem by giving money to workers NOT giant companies like other countries have.
Realistic Retirees of Arizona, Aaron Essif - Marana
From the beginning this has been my very vocal stance, I have tremendous respect for this group making this commitment, and I am happy to join in this initiative. Renee
Renee’s Organic Oven, Renee Kreager - Tucson
Thank you for being a voice of reason, and for creating this opportunity.
Roots to Bloom Prenatal Massage, Jaimie Lindsay - Tucson
It’s too soon. Too many people don’t get the concept of being protected in public even with guidelines customers don’t want to follow. Puts the safety and adds stress to every business that’s not essential.
Royal fadez barbershop, Jose Moreno - Chandler
For the sake of Arizona, the United States and the world, please continue the shut down order for all until epidemiologists deem it is safe to reopen!
Sabrina The Stylist, Sabrina Carbajal - Tucson
While myself and my staff were ready and committed to stay closed as long as possible, once the mandate for salons were lifted we lose the ability to negotiate or rent with our commercial landlords, will not be eligible for UI or PUA because if we stay home it is considered voluntary. This makes me beyond frustrated and sad.
Salon D’ Shayn, D’Lisa Khademi - Phoenix
It’s too soon. Too many deaths and continued risks. Our community is at even more risk.
Salon Phd, Raul Gallegos - camp verde
We stand for the greater health of our community.
Santa Cruz River Farmers' Market, Abigail Kelso - Tucson
I think looking closer at what spa's do is important. I do skin care, I touch my clients faces. Their face is 10 inches from my face how it that safe?
Sarah Niemi L.E., Sarah Niemi - Mesa
It’s to early, let’s keep Tucson and Arizona safe and flattening the curve.
Sarando Swan LP, David Sarando - Tucson
Thank you for taking this stand!
Scott C. Tompkins, PLLC, Scott Tompkins - Tucson
All my services are virtual now. Let’s keep it that way until the models show we are over the curve.
Shanley Ten Eyck, LLC, Shanley Ten Eyck - Tucson
We are doing our best to continue to serve our clients remotely; however, we are unwilling to jeopardize the health and safety of our staff by opening our office doors too soon. We hope to see everyone in face-to-face appointments in the near future.
Shapiro Law Group, Eric Shapiro - Phoenix
I feel opening up now will just set us all back even further. People before profits.
Sierra Sounds, George Broxton III - Sierra Vista
I believe I cannot adequately protect myself or my clients at this time and will not be reopening my in person practice until the curve is lowering and testing is abundant.
Singing Hands Bodyworks / Joanna’s Healing Arts, Joanna Carichner - Tucson
In general, I agree Arizona is getting ahead of itself trying to open businesses without satisfying the phasing set forth by the federal government to re-open the economy. For my industry specifically, dentistry, I would like better access to PPE including proper, not knockoff n95 respirators and streamline testing for staff and at risk patients. Dental offices were allowed to re-open to normal capacity on May 1 with significant compromises and exceptions to the standards advised from OSHA and the CDC. It is too soon and opening should be phased with enforceable guidelines.
Skyline Dental, James Raymond - Tucson
We are considered an essential business but decided for the good of the community (at the beginning of the Stay at Home order) to close our doors to the public and implement online ordering and curbside pickup. We will continue to do so until it is clear the public will not be at risk.
Spadefoot Nursery, Katherine Gierlach - TUCSON
I am so absolutely excited to treat my fellow Tucsonans to facial and waxing services when it is safe for me to handle their skin without gloves and be in a confined space with individuals. The services I provide do not allow clients to wear a protective mask, therefore it is truly not feasible for me to resume my professional career at this time.
Starr Violet Skin Therapist, Starr Violet - Tucson
My first and foremost oath that I took upon graduating is to do no harm. I am concerned that opening too quickly and working on people will have the likelihood of exposing people to risk unnecessarily.
Stillpoint Natural Medicine, Renee Stucklen - Tucson
I can’t practice social distancing if I’m doing someone’s hair. It’s really stressful thinking about the idea of going back to work. IT’S TOO SOON, ARIZONA.
Succulent Hair Co., Rosie Howard - Chandler
I support economic stability.... but dead people can't shop... it's not time yet!!
SueNPhoenixShoppe, Sue Harrison - Phoenix
While I feel for the people whose livelihoods are adversely affected, I think the alternative is worse.
Sunday Movement, Michael Morse - Tucson
Right On!
Swoboda Marketing, Laurie Swoboda - Tubac
Pima County cases & deaths are still rising rapidly every day! It's not time to re-open.
TazMassage, Taza Guthrie - Tucson
We will continue to do delivery, carry-out and pick up orders, but the dining room will remain closed.
The 4th Avenue Delicatessen, Kylie Myers - Tucson
Science and data do not support opening now, even here in sunny Tucson.
The Belly Studio: Pilates & Fascia Fitness, Arlene Corcoran - Tucson
We have been closed to the public since March 20 but as an essential business we have been operating virtually and by appointment only since then. We are thankful for the opportunity to continue operating as a federally designated essential business but we refuse to open to the public.
The Bicycle Cellar, Thomas Tomczyk - Tempe
I have an auto immune disorder and although I would love to go back to work and Governor Ducey has allowed hair salons to re-open I feel it is way too soon and we haven’t done enough testing in our area. I am not willing to risk my life and others just to make a buck.
The Bisbee Vintage Hairstream, Victoria Richards - Bisbee
Online services available!
The Body Divine, Aileen Judson - Flagstaff
We will not be reopening until it’s safe to do so.
The Breadfruit & Rum Bar, Dwayne Allen - Phoenix
As a Realtor, I felt we should have shut down last month. I care deeply about my clients, neighbors and community. I want to be working, I want to serve my clients, but if there is even a small chance my isolating and wearing a mask will save someone or slow the spread of corona virus, I’ll do whatever I can.
The damion Alexander Team, Damion Alexander - Tucson
Stay Safe and thank you!
The Drop Dance Studio, Ruben Dorame - Tucson
We refuse to be a potential threat to ourselves, communities and unsuspecting art and music enthusiasts. Therefore we will not be able to participate in fund raising through art shows or live music in any venue for the good of the health of the community. We will not even be interviewing bands or artists in person and have gone virtual to set the example of public safety and responsible with our events and all artists.
The House of Rossi, Estella di Rossi - Phoenix
Our state is not ready to reopen and we must continue to protect our staff, families and our guests which we consider family.
The Independent Distillery, Don Northrup - Tucson
It’s too soon! Thousands more will die needlessly and all our hard work will be for naught.
The Kenney Law Firm, PLC, Shaun Kenney - Tucson
Way to represent, Tucson!
THE LITTLE ONE, Danielle Montano-Leon - Tucson
So great to see some sanity! Thanks so much for your leadership!
The Loft Cinema, Zach Breneman - Tucson
Be smart, save lives.
The Lost Highway Sign Co., Levi Koenen - Tucson
I moved my business entirely online because I believe it would be irresponsible for me to encourage gatherings before a vaccine is widely available.
The Nerd Gym, Melanie Black - Tucson
We are taking customers by appointment only for a safe customer service friendly shopping experience
The Wandering Gypsy, Jennifer Lopez - Sierra Vista
We are doing what we can virtually, by telephone, email, texts, VeriFyle, and DocuSign to keep in communication with our clients and business partners, and to get the work out. We continue to monitor the pandemic curve to assess when we can safely reopen our office for client visitors. In the meantime, you can schedule a telephone appointment at our website Face the future courageously, and with hope!
Thomas G. Rex, CPA, Tom Rex - Tucson
Tino's Pizza is a family owned small business established in 1984. We are committed to the safety of our employees & guests. We are not opening our dining room yet. Call or order online for curbside pick or delivery with our own awesome staff.
Tino's Pizza, Sheila Chonis - Tucson
As an immune compromised individual who also serves immune compromised clients, all of our health is paramount to moving forward successfully for the economy.
Topher Miller Stylist PLLC, Topher Miller - Scottsdale
Until we really have a handle on testing AND infection rates go Down, way down we shouldn't be opening places where large groups gather. If 1 infected person can spread the virus to 40 fellow choir members during one rehearsal what damage can 1 infected person do while working out? The general public's refusal to wear masks or physically distance 6+ feet even during the shut down, proves most can't be trusted to help contain the virus.
Tranzend, LLC, Laura Enciso - Flagstaff
It is my responsibility to keep my students & members safe. It is Ducey’s responsibility to keep the people of Arizona safe. He should not be reopening while Covid-19 numbers are still spiking.
Tucson Clay Co-op LLC, Maxine Krasnow - Tucson
Let’s not rush into this. Please.
Tucson Strong, Erin Marshall - Tucson
we do not have enough masks or sanitation supplies to safely open yet. The curve is still rising!
Tucson Tango School, Kate Rosalik DAddamio - Tucson
The University of Arizona is a massive business. Faculty, staff and students of this business should not be forced to return prematurely, endangering their health and the health of others. Too soon Arizona, to soon U of A! @GraduateStudentCoalition & @CoalitionforAcademicJusticeUA
University of Arizona, Elena L'Annunziata - Tucson
We are open for website orders and local delivery.
Untamed Confections, Linda & Tom Williams - Tubac
Thank you for this, sums up our feelings! It is too early to invite out of town shoppers to our small community ❤️
Va Voom!, Brad & Kelly Overacker - Bisbee
People before Profits.
Valley of the Sun Real Estate, Jon Beydler - Chandler
We will open when its safe for our community.
Warriors Pest Control, Richard Nelson - phoenix
Opening up and exposing the vulnerable in order to bring in revenue and to avoid paying out government assistance is a crime. Take your citizens into consideration instead of your pockets!
Wear Floral designs LLC, Kayla West - Tucson
It’s too soon to ease up on restrictions and data proves that. Reopening is going to cause this virus to spread and harm many more people.
When & Where Co LLC, Bridgett Scofield - Tucson
Signing for the safety of our staff and customers
Yellow Brick Coffee, David Perreira - Tucson
Services by Online video and telephone only.
Yuma Psychological Services, LLC, Carolina Prieto - Yuma